Netflix Dogs of Berlin
360° launch campaign

360° launch campaign

How to drive excitement for a show full of controversies?

Netflix briefed us to pitch for on an integrated launch campaign to drive awareness and show viewing for their second German Original, Dogs of Berlin.

As the show hit the zeitgeist with current hot topics such as the rising Right Wing, the escalating clashes between family clans in Germany, the case of Mesut Özil, and even some negative press around cast members, we had to find the right balance between the sensitivity of such topics and not completely shying away from them.

With the strong positioning “Die Stadt ist ein Pulverfass”, we bridged that gap and found the perfect messaging for the show.

Why Granny? We were chosen as the leading agency on the campaign because of our deep understanding of the show and the right communication strategy we presented.

We were very excited to work on our first 360° campaign including OOH, an exclusive Instagram handle, paid media, editorial formats, use of influencers and cast, and a hyper-local merch collaboration with Mvschi Kreuzberg.

Solution: We used the hot topics to our advantage by establishing a robust campaign narrative. To create a sense of urgency we pushed the message of “our society is burning” in the first phase, then introduced the “owning the discussion” phase, tackling potential conversations arising from the series controversies. We established an editorial YouTube format showcasing “real dogs” from former Nazis to the real-life story of one of the main characters Sinan G.

Through heavy social media involvement of the cast and stunts with relevant influencers such as Haftbefehl, who gave a surprise pocket concert at the premiere, we were able to drive FOMO and become the talk of the town in our targeted audience.

Results: The creative platform and positioning were powerful, and the campaign was socially relevant. That added to the delivery of a cross-media campaign raised high excitement around the show. Through the use of talent and influencers, we gained an additional reach stirring social conversation even further.

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cast & influencers additional reach



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