The Dark-Ticket

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How to excite Germans as much as the global audience for the launch of DARK season 2?

The first season of the German Netflix Original series, DARK, was a global success: 90% of the views came from outside of Germany.

Why Granny? After launching the show globally and in Germany in 2017 with huge success, we were gifted to do the same for season 2. We are proud that there are real fanatics when it comes to DARK and the expectations were high but so was our hunger to do something outstanding for our favorite time-travelling show.

Solution: To promote DARK season 2 in Germany, Netflix and BVG – and their partner agencies Granny and GUD, teamed up and created the 33-YEAR TICKET. The daily ticket that lets you travel into the future.

In DARK, time-travelling happens in 33-year cycles. So on the day of the premiere, June 21st, 2019, Netflix and BVG released a daily ticket that was not only valid on that day, but the very same day, 33 years later. The stunt went even further: DARK-ticket owners had a chance to win a special pass that was valid for 33 years!

We rebranded ticket machines and turned them into time machines all over Berlin and announced the special ticket on BVG’s Twitter channel.

Results: DARK fans immediately went nuts and started reaching out to their Berlin-based friends, asking to buy them a ticket.

The news took over social media and quickly spread in the local and global press. One of the ticket machines even got featured in the music video of German rappers, Capital Bra & Samra, which currently has 23 million views and counting.


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