Immortal Membership


How to engage Netflix fans in the launch of a series about immortality?

To promote the launch of the Netflix Sci-Fi show about immortality, Altered Carbon, we created a contest aimed to find the biggest Netflix fan, entitled to an immortal membership.

Why Granny? We were trusted to craft a stunty campaign because as Netflix’s German social media agency, we know the Netflix fans and that the chance of winning a lifetime subscription would truly excite them.

Solution: A picture of the Netflix subscription options, including the immortal one and a teaser presenting the Netflix Forever Card immediately triggered people to wonder how to get one. Within no time, press started adding to the speculation.

We launched a knock-out quiz game to find Germany’s biggest Netflix fans with no second chances. One wrong answer and you were out. The three people with the most correct answers won a lifetime membership to the service.

Results: Without any media spend, the Netflix Immortal Membership was covered by all leading German entertainment, tech and mainstream outlets such as Bild, Stern, Chip, Playboy and Gala. With the immortal membership we not only got everybody excited about Altered Carbon but made Netflix the talk of the town for 4 full days.

players in just 4 days

quiz questions answered

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