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How to give fans a much craved look into the lives of a Netflix Original‘s cast?

It became apparent from the get go that the characters and therefore the actors within Elite were going to become people our audience would obsess over.  Each one as beautiful and intriguing as the next, fans quickly fell in love and wanted to know everything about Élite.

Why Granny? Having become experts in what this audience like, dislike and flame emoji, our team was able to identify what they want and give it to them in a way only we know how.

Solution: We identified the love our young adults would have for not only the characters but the actors themselves. And so we created a mini series that lets fans go through the looking glass and into the lives of our cast.

Set in a casual, living room environment we asked cast about social media, their love lives (both in the show and out), behind the scenes gossip and lots more juicy stuff – we got the answers to the questions our audience were googling. We played games with them and had fun, helping our audience to feel like they were really hanging out with our cast.

Results: The mini series was well received, by our audience, our cast and by other celebs too. We received positive comments across all social media platforms by not only fans but famous admirers. The cast themselves posted on their own channels about the Aftershow and did so avidly – watch it on the Aftershow Élite Netflix channel.







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